August 22, 2011

Green with...Everything.

We all have our favorite colors that we gravitate to (mine is grey).  Most seasons there is a color that seems to peek through and just make an outfit...before you know it, you and everyone else has to have at least one signature piece in that color...this summer it has been Cobalt blue.  As much as I love Cobalt, I try to not over do a particular color (except for grey, of course), because it can be kind of like eating too many Skittles.  Now I find myself drawn to green, mostly moss and olive  - also loving lime.  Thanks to my dear friend, Anne, who recently introduced me to Pinterest, I now have a new way to gather and browse inspiration.  Here are some of my favorite Fall trends...

All shades of green...

Animal prints: mostly leopard and snake...

Floral and Pattern Blocking

 all images via my Pinterest.

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  1. Good to know animal print is back this fall! :) Great blog!