September 16, 2011

The Granger Duffel Clutch

I'm a girl who feels like she needs to bring everything she owns with her anytime she leaves the house - yes, I am that girl that shows up at a friend's house with two suitcases for just a night.  I never use half the stuff I bring, but in my mind it is all necessary to have just in case.  So when I use a clutch it can be a really hard decision on what to leave out.  Especially, if you're the one your girlfriends rely on to carry a bag, which often means you inherit their things for the night.  It has been a learned skill to pack everything just right in an itty bitty clutch and then when you actually manage to close the zipper - someone wants their lipgloss... which gave way to the creation of the Granger Duffel Clutch.
It is small enough to tuck under your arm, but big enough to fit your belongings (and some friends') when going anywhere.

Taupe lambskin with Olive lambskin tassel
Cobalt suede with Light Grey lambskin tassel.

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