June 27, 2012

{NEW} Mini Lulu Foldover

Something new and fun has arrived!  A pint size version of the popular Lulu Foldover!  It is fun, versatile and perfect in every way.  
I wore it to my girlfriend's wedding this past weekend and paired it with this bright cobalt silk dress.  I loved the coral pop against the bright blue - it was such a nice switch from my black dresses.  I was scolded last time at a wedding for wearing black "This is a celebration, not a funeral!"  So I took the advice, went bright and loved it.

Check out the Mini Lulu Foldover here!


  1. absolutely love it! i think i just love your lulu clutch. i have dreams that one will end up in the mail as a surprise or for my birthday coming up in August! ha I have to figure out a way to tell my bf that I want one. should maybe start sending him emails daily, im sure that would work! ha

    anywho, love the color! & the dress you paired it with!


  2. So cute! I love the clutch and it looks great against the blue dress.


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