October 16, 2012

My little design space

Since launching FW12 things around here have been pretty busy!  Thank you for all of your support!  Orders and kind emails have been flowing in and I couldn't feel more blessed.  I cannot say enough how much I appreciate emails and pictures - it is such a nice little pick me up through out the day.  

 Here is a picture of the wall of orders.  These are bags ready to be matched with their tassel and shipped out!  Hopefully soon it will be packed full of bags ready to be ordered which will decrease the wait time.  Until then, thank you for your patience while I create your bag just for you:)

Tons of color, Prisma markers, and Washi tape make things a bit more fun - don't you think?

My desk is what I like to refer to as organized clutter.   Sometimes the clutter part takes over the organized, but I did my best to fake it for the picture.

Last but not least - the little beast that keeps me in business.  

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  1. It's nice to see your workspace Blair! So great that the orders are pouring in :). I love the introduction of the wristlet and the new larger bags.