November 29, 2012

Spill It: What's in your Lulu?

As I've mentioned before, I love seeing what's in people's handbags!  You can tell a lot about someone by the fun little findings at the bottom of their bag.  So, I thought it would be interesting to have an ongoing blog post where Lulu Lovers spilled their handbag essentials.
If you follow along on Twitter you probably already know about my not-so-secret adoration for Ashley from One Fine Day.   I start every morning with a cup of coffee and her latest can't help but be inspired by her bright and cheerful blog.  She is currently living in Hawaii in an ADORABLE home called Lil' Puna.  I just love her chic and playful style.  So when she agreed to to be the first for Spill It I was thrilled:) 

So with out further ado... 
Ashley, What's in your Lulu?!

Kate Spade Wallet: I'm a sucker for a vibrant shade of green and the polka-dot lining makes this wallet even sweeter!
iPhone: I never thought I could be so attached to a tech device, and then I was introduced to the iPhone. It's absolutely pathetic, but the phone is oodles of fun! Obsessed might be an understatement.
Car Keys: With my colorful and stylish Tassel Key Chain, I don't mind searching for my keys anymore. 
Dior Addict Lipstick in Dior Kiss: It's creamy with long-lasting beautiful color.
Bobbi Brown Lip Balm: I live in Hawaii so it's important that I constantly apply some sort of balm with SPF. This one's my favorite!
Altoids Smalls: The curiously strong peppermint is a must. 
MoMA Pen: I got this when I visited the MoMA this past December. It's a fun little memento and comes in handy.

Thanks, Ashley! xo
To see more of Ashley check her out on Pinterest and Instagram!

If you want to take part in Spill It
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  1. I look forward to seeing future "Spill it" posts! I don't know why, but I love being able to see what people carry in their bags!!!

    1. Thanks, Cindi! I know - it's so fun seeing what people cart around in their bags :)

  2. I also heart Type A(shley)! Excellent post and great idea for the series.

    Have you thought of a men's line? :)

    1. Hi Tommy! Thanks for your comment:) Yes, she's pretty awesome! I do have a few ideas floating around for men's, but nothing in the works yet!