August 8, 2013

Behind The Biz by Meg Biram

Some of you may know, that we just recently packed up our life and moved from Arlington to the beautiful city of Lakewood, OH.  Crazy, right?  Although I wasn't too fond of moving away from the city that I quickly grew to love, I must say I greatly underestimated this place.  We are right near the lake, the people are incredible, and our new home - oh our new home!  I am still pinching myself. I will share more on Lakewood later.

Before all the moving began the oh so talented Meg Biram popped out to my little design space and snapped some pictures.  They were part of her new series launch of "Behind the Biz", which features entrepreneurs and the awesome and the not-so-awesome things that happen when starting a business.  I loved the way her questions gave me the opportunity to share how hard it is to get things off the ground and that it isn't over night things start coming together. It just seems that way, because we are so accustomed to sharing the fun and exciting things that go on rather than how many failed attempts it took to get there.  It was such an honor to be her first feature, since then she has had Rochelle Behrens, the genius behind The Shirt.  I had the honor of doing a trunkshow with Rochelle at Urban Chic - what a business woman!  It is always a treat when you have the chance to chat with someone who knows a thing or two about running a successful business.  

Now, back to unpacking and setting up my new design studio.  No more spare bedroom for me - exciting times!

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