October 27, 2014

The Cleveland Museum of Art

This past weekend my husband and I FINALLY made good on our promise to ourselves that we would spend a Saturday at The Cleveland Museum of Art. Since moving here a year ago and taking the Lolly Trolley around the city, we've had a long list of things we've been wanting to do. Our wedding, my sister's wedding, and taking what felt like forever to get moved in and organized with my business - our poor weekend plans have taken a backseat.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is free to everyone thanks to four Cleveland industrialists that created an endowment and donated the land so the museum could open in 1913 "for the benefit of all the people forever." It is such a beautiful museum and home to many incredible pieces of history. I found myself standing in awe of several items knowing that they were probably prized possessions of someone that lived hundreds of years ago. It is fascinating to think of the history and stories behind each piece. I enjoy reading the description of each, so we didn't get through even half the museum. As we were leaving we both agreed we would be back soon and often!

I hope you, too, had a wonderful weekend!

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