January 23, 2015


I had the pleasure of chatting with REstyleSource before they headed off to MARKET in Las Vegas this past week. I adore this company and the women behind it. If you aren't familiar with REstyleSource, they are a national guide to all things local. Their mission is to "reconnect shoppers with the real people and businesses that built America." Which is a total blessing to designers, like myself. The internet has been a double edge sword for small business owners, without it many of us would not have been able to even start our businesses. However, it also lowers the entry threshold leading to an over-saturated market and making it hard to stick out. That's where RestyleSource helps by giving their partners a stronger presence and connecting them with the right people. They are also an incredible source for inspiration for interior design, DIY, and discovering local businesses that you might be missing out on.

REstyleSource gifted their premier partners Going to Market totes at MARKET!!

Hop on over to REstyleSource and learn more about them and you can find out what inspires me and if I prefer coffee or tea by reading my interview :)

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