July 15, 2015

Going to Market

When I was brainstorming and creating initial sketches of the Going to Market tote two years ago, much of my inspiration came from California’s plastic bag ban. I wanted to create a canvas bag that was simple, classic, and a great alternative to plastic bags. I think it is important to something for our planet whenever possible.  
To make this happen, the bag had to be strong enough to carry up to four bags of groceries. It also had to be on trend so people wanted to bring along to farmers markets-- another shopping experience I enjoy doing on summer days.  
A few weeks ago, I  took an early morning trip to an indoor market, Cleveland’s West Side Market, a prominent staple of Cleveland history that first opened its doors in 1912. It’s always packed to capacity with shoppers purchasing from its local vendors who sell fresh meats, produce and delicious baked goods. (The French macaroons from Cake Royale are my favorite!) 

My friend Cassie and I woke up early to get in a trip before starting our day. Because it was still quiet around 7:30am, a vendor noticed us and showed us the way to get the balcony that overlooks the entire market. And what a gorgeous sight! I couldn’t stop admiring its beautiful architecture on the ceiling, which lets in plenty of natural light. 
I also can’t stop admiring the many uses for the Market tote! From flowers to French baguettes to the delicious fresh produce that feeds you and your family, I’m so humbled to see your photos and thrilled to hear your positive feedback. 

Feel free to continue sending your photos of the Going to Market tote, and all your uses for #BlairRitchey bags. I never tire of customer pictures! 

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