February 9, 2014

Mexican Vacation

We just returned from an amazing time in Mexico. I'm always ready to return home after being away, but I'll admit it was hard to accept that this vacation was over. I did a lot of reading, The Husband's Secret is a real page turner. I typically prefer an actual book over reading on an iPad, but I loved how someone suggested I read it and within a few minutes I had it downloaded and started right on the beach. Ahh, technology.  

The weather was perfect, a sunny 85 degrees. Unfortunately, by looking at me you wouldn't be able to tell I just spent a week in Cancun. Pat says I am the only one he knows that goes on vacation pale and comes back pale. He'll be thanking me in a few years. 

Photo booths are the best - a few drinks and ridiculous props always make for a good laugh. Looking back, choosing the enormous blue hat that blocked half the group wasn't the best choice. 

The belt bag is the best travel accessory - like ever. To have my passport and ID right there was amazing and kept me from searching through my bag every time I needed it. I'm just not someone that can be trusted to hold it in my hand through customs. It's like I blackout and drop it somewhere along the way from one security checkpoint to the next. Oh, and the ear bud winder was pretty sweet, too. Who has time for tangled ear buds. That will be available in a few weeks.

After a wonderful trip and some time away from the real world it does feel good to be back in good ol' Cleveland. Although we didn't miss the snow (we got TEN inches while we were gone) we did miss Monroe. 


  1. Absolutely love the belt bag! Might be my fist purchase from u☺

    1. Thanks, Quinn! I think you would love it, I can definitely picture you wearing it.