July 11, 2014

STYLEYE: Weekend Wardrobe

When it comes to my style, I am a girl of habit. I have always adored Carolina Herrera. Her style is classic, clean, and quite predictable. I forever wondered why a fashion designer would wear the same crisp white collared button down and long full skirt. Same thinking regarding Donna Karan - put some color in your wardrobe, woman! However, I rarely switch things up either once I'm hooked on a particular look or article of clothing. Currently, anything silk, pants that stop above my ankle (so I can show off the gold strap of my favorite flats), and the Belt Bag and Lango Messenger get lots of use year round.  I also love topping things off with a big floppy hat, silk scarf, or I've been known to sport my Indians cap from time to time now that I'm a Clevelander. Go Tribe! Just kidding, the only reason I  go to any sporting event is for the food.

Head Scarf: I love this "Just Married" silk scarf by Kate Spade. Hats and head scarves also work nicely to hide those pesky roots, when it's been too long since you've seen your hair stylist.
Top: Simple and white is exactly what draws me to this Gap Eyelet Top
Belt Bag: I love this bag for many reasons, but one silly reason is that it totally fixes the "Should I tuck this shirt in or not?" issue. The belt bag does the half tuck for you :)
Lango Messenger: This is my everyday bag, but I especially like it for traveling. I can pack it full for my carry-on and since the Cement grey goes with everything I can just bring one bag if I need to.
Pants: I found the best floral pants that hit perfectly above the ankle at Haven Style House. This currently is my favorite go-to boutique. You can shop their pieces online if you're not fortunate enough to be local :)
Flats: I came across the all time best pair with a gold ankle strap while I was shopping at Zara in Mexico. I hear they are still available in some stores, but no longer online. However, they have some other pairs that are pretty cool, too.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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    1. Thanks, Ashley! You inspire me every morning with your posts, so I'm glad this gets your seal of approval. xoxo