December 10, 2015

Gift Guide: For the Kiddos

I have always loved kid stuff and as my time is nearing to becoming a mama (Eeek!), I spend a good portion of my time looking at adorable little things for kiddos.

1. Jeremy Owl: Hazel Village $45.00
2. Handmade Fish Soy Crayons: Earth Grown Crayons $10.00 
3. Fiona Walker Felt Elephant Head: Waiting on Martha $155.00
4. Classic Blocks with Bag: Uncle Goose $44.00
5. Kid Sketch Pad: Appointed $22.00
6. Pom Pom Storage Bin: Leif $26.00
7. Finger Puppets Circus: Peg and Pin $28.00
9. Free As A Bird T-shirt: The Bee and The Fox $25.00

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