December 9, 2015

Gift Guide: For the Men

It can be so hard to figure out a good gift to give the men in your life. If you're like me, both your dad and husband always ask for the same thing - underwear. I find it terribly annoying. There is nothing less exciting to give someone than underwear as a gift. However, I finally found a company that makes cool underwear and a list of other unique gifts that any man would appreciate.

2. Cooler by the Lake Mug (Cobalt): Shore Society $10.00
3. Original White Beard & Shave Soap: Hudson Made $22.00
4. Pendleton Log Carrier(Glacier Stripe): Pendelton Woolen Mills $129.00
6. Cut Crystal Princeton Decanter Set: Things Remembered $125.00
7. The American Felling AX (Bobby McGee): Best Made Co. $300.00
8. My Town Map Coasters: National Geographic $49.00
9. Man Crate: Man Crates $39.00+

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